Rauawaawa Kaumatua (Elder) Charitable Trust ~ Thursday, September 19th

Arrive in Hamilton to what might be the best of the visits so far!  Arriving at the Elders gathering place at 10:00 am, we were greeted and welcomed by the most wonderful group of Kaumatua, some had arrived at the centre as early as 7:30!

The trus supports, advocates and provides programmes specific to the Kaumatua that enhance their quality of life.  The ones we spoke with, enthusiastically told us they visit the centre on a daily basis.  They have health services; education programs including computer classes; carving and weaving.  The centre had its own energy and we all felt it!  

When it came time to leave, the followed us out to the bus and sang to us as we loaded the bus making it so hard to leave…..we all wanted just a few more hours with them….  Auntie Ginny was our speaker today, and she sang her beautitul song for them; and as you can imagine they adored her.  We have been singing the Womens Warrior song as our thanks to these lovely hosts, and for this group and the wonderful strong Women, it was so fitting to pay tribute and honour them.  Not a dry eye in the place!

Love the Kaumatua!



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